Thursday, June 21, 2007

Me and my new life..

At last i have my own blog.tak reti sgt sebenarnya nak tulis ape..tapi saja nak i have a new new life with my luv one..Fazirul Wahidi Mansor,suamiku terchenta...heheh.Lain rasanya bila dah ada hubby.ada new family,new mom,new sister n brother..tapi sedih sgt sbb aku ni berjauhan dgn hubby.aku kat Gerik,dia kat rawang.weekend husband n wife..hope bleh tukar as soon as possible.nak ada our own house,own life... lagi pun i miss him every day.

my hubby not handsome at all,beside im not pretty too!heheh.but he is very charming,baik sgt..and his uncle said that i'm lucky to be his wife..why????i dont know lah..his uncle know him better than me..Thanx Ayah Ngah sbb baik sgt dengan saya!

And his family also baik sgt.his mom, cikgu badariah.kak long n nani..suma baik.but with my brother in law..aku tak rapat lagi..maybe diorang masih shy2 cat ngan kakak ipar dorang ni.but i'll try to be a good sister in law..i promise!

not forget his cute nephew anuar n nak balik
rawang..abg..wait for me!!!!

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